Crawl Space Drainage Simplified

Main reason behind the fact that why do water get enters into the crawl spaces? and why do people face the problem of crawl space drainage? There are the few reasons as leakage or problem of seepage from the basement through the downspout lines.

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If you don’t have the well formed foundation drains, problem of soil saturation will arise. If drain pipes installed are damaged plus if there is high water table level or even if there is seepage issue through the cracks. All these can be the major cause of crawlspace drainage problem.

Other things that also delay is by making the crawlspace unreachable ,there are some other conditions such as dampness which result into high ration of humidity  in the whole house ending up into several other problems. Crawlspace drainage problem can also result into damage of the floor. You will be facing the problem of mold and mildew problem on the floor. There will be the problem of huge number of insects and rodents too. You will experience the increase in the ground water pollutant which further moves into the living area resulting into allergies and other problems for health.

Some solutions to avoid crawlspace drainage problem is to install proper drain pipes and there should be suitable fitting size and shape of the drain rock. Discharge line should be at the appropriate depth. You should install filters for the silt and debris to avoid any kind of blockage in the future which can result into crawlspace drainage problem. Water flows either naturally or its pumped out with machines wherever its required. All issues that are relegated to crawl space drainage are caused by the release of huge amount of water. To tackle all kinds of drainage problem you need to go for the crawl space drainage system as it’s the best way for the removal for unnecessary water. If you would not be able to overcome this problem in the start it can result into weakening of the foundation of your whole house. It can really be the source of high depression and frustration if you are facing the standing water or seepage issue in the crawl space or in your basement.

You can consider this problem either as an immediate or for a long term. Standing water entering into the crawl space drainage can be the major cause of air quality and structural damage at the same time. If there is wet and damp crawl space drainage pattern then it can be adding huge quantity of unnecessary water vapor into your home with every passing day. If there will be damp places in your home it will give the chance to the growth of mold .Another thing you need to know is, even crawl spaces that are looking dry can be the cause of adding water vapor to your house. Normally the area which is affected majorly due to crawl space drainage is your lawn, planting areas and paved areas. You will observe that you usually face the problem of yard drains after the rain storm. For fixing up the problem of yard drain; you need to figure out the root cause the main source from where water is coming from.


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